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A Christmas carol

CAST 20+

Adapted by Edward Morgan

& Joseph Hanreddy

Music Arrangements by John Tanner

A literary and deeply moving retelling of Dickens’ classic using lush arrangements of traditional Carols sung by the company. Since 1997, this wonderful adaptation has had successful productions at professional, university and amateur theatres.


  • Clarence Brown Theatre, TN (2006-2011; 2017- 2019; 2023)

  • Milwaukee Rep Theatre, WI (1997-2015)

  • University of Nevada Las Vegas (2016)

  • Ball State University (2012, 2015)

  • Houston Family Arts Center (2009)



At Milwaukee Rep

“Milwaukee Repertory Theatre’s ‘Christmas Carol’ might be the finest (adaptation) in the country… (It has been) . . . hailed by National Public Radio and critics from around the country.     

- McClatchy-Tribune News Service


“…a fresh and charming version…Hanreddy and Morgan added new scenes, character and dialogue only suggested by the novel. This adds to new but justified perspectives on the story. . . They’ve found ways to add more fun and humor without distorting the original.”     

- Shepherd Express


“This is “A Christmas Carol” of which Charles Dickens would be proud . . . Edward Morgan, an experienced musicologist, seamlessly wove the carols into the text so well, they seem to be integral to the story.”     

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

At Clarence Brown Theatre

“Finally, after a lifetime of wanting it, I have been given an outstanding stage adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic Christmas tale. It's as fine a Christmas present as I could wish for. . . Director Edward Morgan's own adaptation (written with Joseph Hanreddy) is the most literary adaptation I have seen. It has the authenticity of a reading of "A Christmas Carol" aloud by a fire. . . . But when the needs of drama dictate, it dances way from the novel and honors the spirit of the work rather than slavishly translating it. I doubt there are many who haven't freshly read the Dickens tale who could separate the straight-from-the-page moments from those invented by the adapter. You will not find a better Christmas entertainment this season.”

- Knoxville New Sentinel


“Music pervades this production. “A Christmas Carol” is chock full of, well, Christmas carols. The singing is joyful … and triumphant. And, it’s interesting, the carols don’t feel a bit out of place in the story. You know how sometimes in musicals, a song will break out and it just feels a little forced? That doesn’t happen here. All the song and dance numbers fit organically into the play as a whole.  . . . Everything in this play works together to create a sense of wonder and anticipation.”   

 - The Daily Times

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