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Unsilent night

1 W, 3 M

By John Kishline & Edward Morgan

Conceived by David Cecsariani

It’s a snowy Christmas Eve in Milwaukee, 1953. At WNXT radio station, Frank is about to wrap up his annual, offbeat Christmas show. His producer, Liz, has just quit. He’s in conflict with his boss and his wife. Then an unexpected visitor arrives: a Korean War vet with a lot on his mind. Frank decides to stay on the air and his program becomes a one-of-a-kind experience. UnSILENT NIGHT is an ingenious tale of broadcast suspense and truth telling. It’s trimmed with music and holiday fun but ultimately it’s a play about the possibility of redemption.


  • Next Act Theatre, Milwaukee, WI (2016)


“So much for the highly entertaining and well-structured first act, which plays a bit like “Good Morning, Vietnam.”  …(T)he final ten minutes of “UnSilent Night” pack a powerful punch, with all four members of this cast playing an integral role in movingly reminding us that Christmas miracles (and redemption) come in many forms, allowing us to dream a world where we really might sleep in heavenly peace, here on Earth.”         

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


“(A) delicate balance of drama and comedy… The show’s happy nostalgia for a 1950s Milwaukee is contrasted against the plight of an African American man suffering from darkness that would later be labeled post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s a show that speaks to a unified Milwaukee not afraid to see a more complete picture of the past, which illustrates the importance of human connection in the darkest time of the year.”

- Shepherd Express

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