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2 W, 6 M

By Edward Morgan

Santiago, Dominican Republic, January, 1960.

A writer's birthday dinner provides the backdrop for this gripping portrayal of life under a dictatorship. Inspired by historical events, THE PAMPHLET is vivid and haunting as it wrestles with universal questions about power, courage and artistic expression.


  • XI Internaciional Festival de Teatro RD

    • Santiago, DR (Oct 2023)​

  • Coturno Teatro / Gran Teatro de Cibao,

            Santiago  (March 2020)

  • New Bulgarian University, Sofia, BG                              (May 2019)


  • Centro de Conferencias y Cultura Dominicana, Santiago, DR (Jan. 2019)


     Jethel Faillo & Raquelina Luna


     Teodora Gandeva

 "We cried, we laughed... A great achievement by the playwright and director, Edward Morgan.

                            Acento, Oct 29, 2023

 "During the play, intensity is expressed, felt; profound ethical questions arise, for example about what to do in the face of a dictatorship, how not to leave those who fight alone. The characters deal with anguish, with great philosophical questions, which led me to delve into the conflict between life, death, freedom,

the public, the personal, the emotional, what is risked, selfishness and heroism."

                           Acento, Nov 5, 2023

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