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CAST 20+

Music by Gary Funk

Book and Lyrics by Edward Morgan, Gary & Sylvia Funk

A musical commemorating the worst hard-rock mining disaster in U.S. history. A young man gets off the train in Butte, Montana, June 1917.  He gets a rollicking tour of the town and quickly falls in love. A veteran Irish miner hikes the hills with his wife and she tells him she’s pregnant. They begin to plan their future. Then disaster strikes and both men are among a desperate group of miners trapped underground. As the drama unfolds, their partners and many others wait and watch above. NO GREATER LOVE is a stirring musical tale of heroism and heart.


  • Mother Lode Theatre, Butte, MT (2017)


  • KBOW, Montana (2018); KBMF, Montana (2018)

  • Claremorris Community Radio, Ireland (2018)

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