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1 W, 6 M

Adapted by Edward Morgan

A flood of Biblical proportions on the mighty Mississippi is the dramatic backdrop for this riveting, edge-of-your-seat adventure. Adapted from a William Faulkner novella, WAY DOWNRIVER reveals an unlikely pair of souls who are bound together by the forces of nature. With honesty and humor, they struggle to overcome their fears and prejudice in order to survive.


  • North Coast Repertory, San Diego, CA (2016)

  • Alabama Shakespeare Festival (originally produced with the title Twenty Seven) (2014)


  • Utah Shakespeare Festival, New American Playwright’s Project (2013)

  • Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Southern Playwright’s Festival (2011)



At North Coast Rep

“(A) rich and rewarding work … absorbing and atmospheric . . . a kind of memory play that blurs boundaries between present and past. …like the inexorable Mississippi itself, this story rolls forward with a quiet, undeniable power.”

- San Diego Union Tribune


“Faulknerian (but more accessible). . . We feel the terror of the flooding, and the spine-chilling journey of two mismatched people in a small boat, battling the violent elements … a terrific adventure . . . a coup and a triumph for North Coast Rep, a superbly energized and nuanced production of a new work that begs to be seen.”

- Times of San Diego  


“Way Downriver touches on issues of race, political hypocrisy, the American justice system, right and wrong and even romance in a stunning, must-see production.”

- San Diego Gay & Lesbian News


“. . .tells the harrowing tale of bad luck, morality, and history in a mesmerizing way . . .   .melding the past and the present in a manner that preserves both sentiment and comedy.”

Fine Magazine, San Diego


“Way Downriver hits high scores on every level, and is one of the best shows of this season.”

- LaJolla Light


At Alabama Shakespeare Festival

"…simply a great tale — full of adventure, irony and quixotic honor and heroism.  …The conclusion is a stunner. …Given the strengths and the impact of the play, Faulkner’s work and Morgan’s adaptation could both become Southern classics.

- The Montgomery Advisor


"… easily shifts time and place, maintains suspense, and issues provocative philosophical questions … all in keeping with Faulkner's prose."

- Theatre Montgomery

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