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June 2021

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

In 2019, I rewrote a screenplay and did some work as an acting coach with the lead actress for a film that was about to go into production in the Dominican Republic. I was unable to stay for the shoot because of another project but but today it finally premieres at the Festival de Cine de Malaga in Spain. It's called 15 HORAS and was directed by Judith Colell. The trailer looks really good and it's here.

The film is a thriller, basically, but it's theme is violence against women, which is ongoing and ever topical throughout the world, and certainly very relevant in the Dominican Republic.

On other fronts, I was scheduled to work this summer at two Camps this summer, one in Haiti and one in Miami, but both were cancelled due to ongoing issues with Covid-19.

The program is called Biznovator and it's usually a one or two week camp for entreneurial teens. The program was designed by my friend Juan Casimiro, and he's been doing it for 10 years or so in various countries. This was to be my first involvement and I was going to add some creativity and theatre activities to the program. I was really looking forward to ita dn to working with the excellent team he'd assembled. Hope I'll have a nother opportunity before long.

Through the summer I'll be doing some writing, research and prep for upcoming a series of upcoming projects. One of those is a Fulbright Alumni Grant I've received from the Bulgarian Fulbright Commission to do a few webinar workshops and provide a booklet for their incoming

ETAs (English Teaching Assistants) for 2021-22, to help them teach more creatively. This is a kind of program I'm developing with an eye toward more of this kind of work in the future, training teachers and teachers-in-training. I'm excited to work again with Fulbright Bulgaria. I just wish I was going there, instead of doing these workshops remotely. Still I'm delighted for the opportunity.

Upcoming projects for the fall include THREE VIEWINGS at Next Act in Milwaukee, another version of John McGivern's a holiday show with a number of new stories, and the premiere of my play SO YOU CAN LOOK AHEAD at Lamar College in Texas. The play has had a number of readings, but this will finally be a full production and I'm glad to be directing it.

More on these projects as they times draws near.


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