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November 2021

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

I'm in tech for SO YOU CAN LOOK AHEAD at Lamar University. I'm really enjoying the process and thankful to finally see this play produced. I've done a bit of rewriting, and since I didn't direct any of the previous readings it's the first chance I've had to work on the text with actors. Objectivity is a challenge when one is both writer and director, but I've certainly been able to improve it, and revision various moments in more interesting ways. My cast has been great and I've added an ensemble of 5 actors to flesh out various moments and make scene changes, which has really changed the play. Also, I love the set design by Liz Freese, who's a professor here. I would never have thought to stage it like I have on this set.

In other news, Ive done the first round of webinars with the Fulbright English Teaching Assistants in Bulgaria. That was interesting, as most of them are now having to teach virtually, due to the spike in Covid cases in Bulgaria, where maybe 20% of the popuation has been vaccinated and the Delta variant has hit. I didn't know this going into the webinars and had to readjust significantly between the first and second webinar to address their situatilon. I hope things change for them sooner than later. The next step in my process with Fulbright Bulgria is to finish the booklet I've been writing for them on an Alumni Grant. It's a partly new direction for me, combining my creative work with education and language study and I'm looking forward to see where it goes. I've applied for another Fulbright in this field for half of 2022-23, and am waiting to see if I receive the award.

After this play opens, I am goign to New Orleans for a few days with my wife and a few friends, then back to New York, then back to Milwaukee, to work once again with good friend John McGivern. I am thankful to be having such a busy fall.


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