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October, 2023

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

The XI Internacional Festival de Teatro RD is over and EL PANFLETO was a huge success. We had two sold out shows, with a number of added seats and lots of people who weren't able to get in. The audiences responded with enthusiasm to the humor, the suspense and the emotional impact of the show. The actors were in the flow and the whole thing felt magical. It was great culmination to our 5 year collaboration with this play, which began with our staged reading for an invited audience at the CCCD in 2018.

There's talk now of remounting the play for a week or two of daytime school shows (high schools and universities) and evening shows for the general public in late January or early February, to conincide with the 63 anniversary of the historical events. I love the idea and certainly believe it would be a great way for students to experience the history personally, while also being entertained. We just need a corporate sponsor or two and the willingness of the theatre. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I'm now preparing for my next project, which is another holiday show with JOHN McGIVERN, in the new Oak Creek Performaing Arts Center. It's 1,000 seats and we have 3 shows over the weekend of Dec 15 - 17. John will do a selection of material from past shows and one or two new stories. My job, as usual, is to design the visual environment, help him find some theatrical behavior, give him feedback on the text and his performance and guide the tech process. Oak Creek is a Milwaukee suburb, so I'll also be happy to return to my other home for a few weeks.


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