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October 2021

It's been a while since I posted. Most recently, I directed THREE VIEWINGS by Jeffrey Hatcher at Next Act in Milwaukee. It opened in late Sept. and runs through Oct 17. It's the first live production for Next Act since the pandemic hit, though we also videotaped it and it's being offered virtually. It was great to be back in the theatre again and I was really happy with the production, which features three terrific actors.

I'm now in Beaumont, Texas, directing a production of SO YOU CAN LOOK AHEAD at Lamar University. One week into the process and I like the cast, the space, the set design, and it's fun to be back a college setting again, as well as in a new environment. We open early next month and this will finally be the play's premiere, after three readings.

I'm also moving forward with the my Alumni Grant project for Fulbright Bulgaria. I've written the introduction to my booklet for the project, which is called THROW THE CAT OUT THE WINDOW, Teach English Creatively as a Foreign Language. The grant is to help the American Fulbright ETA's in Bulgaria approach teaching more creatively. I still have to assemble the rest of the booklet, with various exercises that illustrate the creative principles I lay out in the introduction, but the professional layout for the introduction has been done, so I already have a blueprint I'm happy with for how the booklet will look and it's been sent to the 30+ ETAs currently working in Bulgarian schools. Next, I have several webinars with them coming up.

It's good to be busy.


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