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January 2021

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

I'm extraordinarily relieved that we have a new U.S. President. Despite the mess that America is still in, as a society and as a country, I couldn't possibly comment on this month without saying that. Democracy managed to survive.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 rages on. I've been in the DR since mid-December. My production with John McGivern in Milwaukee, which was originally scheduled for early December, then postponed to late February, is postponed again. EL PANFLETO, which was mounted last March in Santiago but had to close after 3 performances, was scheduled to be remounted this winter. It's also postponed.

In the meantime, we're finally publishing on Amazon (and Smashwords) my translation of Dr. Raquelina Luna's El Camino a tu Salud R.E.A.L. The translation is titled The Path to Your R.E.A.L. Health, An Integrative Guide to Your Total Well-Being. We're having a virtual launch event Jan. 26 and the book is already available in soft cover or ebook form. I'm hopeful this will help Dr Raquelina expand her message and her amazing work. She now has an office in Brooklyn as well as her clinic in Santiago, DR, but the patients in NYC have been primarily Spanish-speaking. Hopefully this will help her reach more people, and perhaps she (or both of us) will begin to do some health-related podcasts, that sort of thing. I find the book and her work, pretty extraordinary. Here's a description:

"The Path to Your R.E.A.L. Health is a guide to health and well-being in which Raquelina Luna, who is a doctor and psychotherapist, gives you tools to take charge of your own abilities to meet the challenge of becoming more vital and healthy. It’s a practical manual for a more balanced life. This book reminds you that your health depends not only on the physical body, but also on your emotions, your mind and your lifestyle. Dr. Luna wisely combines information from scientific research and her own wealth of experience, raising your consciousness to help you apply it to your health. The Path to Your R.E.A.L. Health will empower you with authenticity, to help you find your own path to the R.E.A.L. in you."

And that's my news.


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